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Wash & Prep

We have every product you need to wash and prepare your car before detailing. Click the Shop button to see all of our Wash & Prep products.


From ceramic sprays to waterless wash, we have everything you need to detail your car like a professional.


Glänz Leather and Fabric Protector are engineered in Germany and brought to the USA. They are resistant to water and oil based liquids.

Wash & prep (Gallon)

Our Wash & Prep products are also sold in convenient gallon containers.

Detailing (Gallon)

Our Detailing products are also sold in convenient gallon containers.

Protectants (Gallon)

Our protectant products are also sold in convenient gallon containers.

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We offer complete protective solution packages by combining car wraps and clear bra with permanent ceramic coatings for the ultimate in looks, durability and protection.

This combination of vinyl wrapping film and clear bra with Glänz Premium Ceramic Coating ensures that the entire gamut of paint protection is available to our customers. Paint protection film, also known as PPF, protects your paint from most of the daily road hazards while the coating of Glänz keeps the surfaces clean and slick, without ever having to wax.

Ryan Tounsley, Glänz Ceramic

Glänz Premium Ceramic Coatings for the latest in ceramic finish protection

At Protective Film Solutions we proudly install Glänz Premium Ceramic Coatings.

Glänz Premium Ceramic Coating is our preferred ceramic coating for the protection of vehicle paint, car wraps and paint protection film. Glänz is focused on the durability of the base coat and its ability to protect from scratches and stains. Any surface coated with Glänz Ceramic will resist external contaminants.

Glänz Ceramic

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